Sustainability & ESG

Since inception, Stonehenge’s transactions have been guided by sustainable principles and themes that are consistent with the general intent of the various federal and state incentive programs that have been instrumental to Stonehenge’s success. 

Stonehenge is pleased to be a member of the United Nations Global Compact and to have committed to support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as it increases the transparency and amplifies the Stonehenge story and investment themes to a global audience. 

We seek to ensure that our investors and clients understand our purpose, strategy and long-term vision as our investments have the ability to go beyond economic success and have been consistent with support key investment themes. 

Inclusive and sustainable economic growth
Stonehenge consistently seeks opportunities that create quality jobs and support underrepresented and overlooked communities
Sustainable Infrastructure
Stonehenge believes that inclusivity, decent work and sustainable innovation and infrastructure within cities and communities are fundamental and paramount to fostering global resilience
Health, education and well-being
We view an individual's health, education and wellbeing as being inextricably tied to quality, affordable housing.
Climate Action
Stonehenge understands that the greatest challenge of this time is climate change and aims to invest in and support projects that present either mitigation or adaptation solutions