July 30, 2019

Stonehenge Capital’s investment in Georgia rural small business featured in Georgia County Government publication by ACCG

Stonehenge Capital’s investment in Holton Cattle & Consulting in Camilla, Georgia, was recently featured in the Georgia County Government publication by ACCG, a nonprofit instrumentality of Georgia’s county governments. Holton Cattle & Consulting is a cattle farm that Lane Holton and his family have operated for more than 40 years.

Stonehenge Capital provided a senior debt and equity investment in Holton Cattle & Consulting to redevelop its “owned-cattle” operation, which it was forced to abandon after the Great Recession to focus only on consulting services. Holton Cattle & Consulting acquires and raises cattle for around 90 days before selling the cattle to feedlots across the Western United States. The company also acquires calves on behalf of large clients and prepares them for shipping to feedlots for a consulting fee. This critical interim step between the calf-cow ranch and the feedlot drastically decreases calf mortality during shipping.

Holton Cattle & Consulting is one of the investments by Stonehenge Capital that was made possible through the Georgia Agribusiness and Rural Jobs Act (GARJA), enacted in 2017 to provide a mechanism whereby access to capital is available to small businesses within rural parts of Georgia. The publication by ACCG highlights a number of investments made possible through GARJA, which are providing an economic lift to rural counties throughout Georgia.

Read the ACCG publication here.