December 9, 2019

Stonehenge Capital’s $6 million investment in Retreat at Southern Connecticut will enhance substance abuse treatment options in Connecticut

Stonehenge Capital today announced a $6 million investment in Retreat at Southern Connecticut, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located in New Haven, Conn. The working capital provided by Stonehenge will be used for start-up costs, hiring new employees and infrastructure needs.

The demand for substance abuse services continues to rise as the epidemic of drug and alcohol dependence continues to increase. Connecticut has some of the highest rates of alcohol dependence and illicit drug dependence in the country. Less than 12% of those needing substance abuse treatment receive such treatment. Retreat at Southern Connecticut provides innovative drug and alcohol addiction programs and mental health treatment in a supportive, medically monitored environment. Its substance abuse treatment programs are individualized, team-centered and comprehensive. Retreat at Southern Connecticut offers residential treatment, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient treatment, continuing care and community education.

“Our mission is to provide the best quality of care in the industry,” said Peter Schorr, founder and CEO of Retreat at Southern Connecticut. “By partnering with Stonehenge Capital, we can immediately increase the availability of treatment options for those struggling with addiction in Connecticut. We also plan on supporting the New Haven area by hiring approximately 150 new employees within the first 12 months of opening.”

Retreat at Southern Connecticut offers a full complement of holistic and experiential treatment including music and art therapy, yoga, therapeutic massage, recreational therapy, all facilitated by credentialed and experienced addiction professionals. Retreat’s individual attention to every patient and small group sizes requires a high staff-to-patient ratio that is unique in the industry; similar programs adhere to regulatory minimums.

“Retreat at Southern Connecticut is recognized as an industry leader due to the diversity and depth of its program offerings,” said Karen Tessman, Director at Stonehenge Capital. “It is providing a valuable and much needed service to the citizens and our veterans of Connecticut and providing an additional value to the community by creating more than 150 new jobs in the New Haven area.”