March 2, 2020

Stonehenge Capital makes strategic investment in Turnbridge, the preeminent addiction and co-occurring mental health treatment program

Stonehenge Capital announced today that it has provided capital and made a strategic investment in Turnbridge, the preeminent addiction and co-occurring mental health treatment program. Based in central Connecticut, the core of Turnbridge’s practice is a three-phased sober residential living program, which combines a unique mixture of life skills training, self-empowerment, and character development called Preparative Care. The goal of the program is not a return to life before addiction, but to arrive at the exceptional life beyond it.

"Turnbridge is an innovator and leader in the addiction treatment field with an industry-recognized program that allows clients to develop life skills and independence at their own pace with lower likelihoods of relapse upon completion. We were impressed that the majority of clients who finished the program experienced significant physical and mental health improvements, better interpersonal relationships, and overall self-sufficiency. We believe our investment will allow Turnbridge to continue to grow as the premier extended care system and to provide the benchmark standard for quality of treatment," said Jared Talisman of Stonehenge Capital.

“We are excited to partner with Jared and the team at Stonehenge," added David Vieau, founder and CEO of Turnbridge. “Stonehenge’s investment allows us to treat additional clients and to further our mission of providing best-in-class treatment to generate the most optimal client results.”

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

About Turnbridge

Founded in 2003, Turnbridge ( is a highly efficacious and innovative extended residential care and outpatient clinical therapy system for clients afflicted with substance abuse and related co-occurring mental health issues. Based in New Haven, CT, the company currently operates multiple facilities and programs, highlighted by its three-phased approach of integrated behavioral programming and outpatient clinical therapy that allows clients to progress from dependence to independence to reintegration into society. Clients at Turnbridge develop the skills, character, and mental momentum needed to move assertively into a fulfilling and productive life after graduation.