August 8, 2019

Stonehenge Capital invests $500,000 in OTW Safety, enabling company’s growth in distressed part of Salt Lake City

Investment through the New Markets Tax Credit program will allow OTW Safety to expand

SALT LAKE CITY -- Stonehenge Community Development, LLC, today announced an investment in OTW Safety, an advanced manufacturing company that designs, engineers and supplies high-quality safety barricades for a range of industries worldwide. Stonehenge’s $500,000 New Markets Tax Credit allocation will support development of a new security barricade product by OTW, enabling the company to continue growing and to expand in a low-income community, creating nine new jobs in the process.

OTW’s barriers enhance public safety by protecting roadway crews in high-speed traffic areas, warning pilots of hazards at airports, providing direction to drivers and helping to maintain order at large public events. Their products are all made in the United States and are 100 percent recyclable.

“Stonehenge’s investment is a game changer that will not only allow us to grow now, but will also position us to remain competitive well into the future,” OTW Safety CEO Leo Stanko said. “We’re grateful that Stonehenge saw our potential and has enabled us to meet the growing demand for our products while creating jobs and supporting public safety.”

The working capital from Stonehenge will allow OTW to create a smaller, more efficient mold that will lower production costs, require fewer raw materials and result in a lighter-weight product that is easier to transport, all while maintaining a strength and quality profile that punches above its weight.

“We see this investment as an opportunity to support a small business that had a history of success but was unable to access traditional financing when it was needed,” said L’Quentus Thomas, of Stonehenge. “They are dedicated to their employees and their mission, and we are proud to help put OTW Safety on the path to an even more promising future. Through our small business loan fund, Stonehenge is proud of the growth we have provided to OTW and many small businesses throughout Utah.”

About OTW Safety:
Since 1993, OTW Safety ( has provided safety and security barricade systems and expertise to thousands of customers and industries worldwide. Utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques, we collectively work with our customers to create value-added solutions for challenging operating environments or regulatory requirements. Our focus on relationships extends to our manufacturing and shipping partners as well. These long-term partnerships allow us to guarantee quality and efficiency throughout all of our processes, keep costs low and pass the savings on to our customers. Compared to larger barricade suppliers we have more flexibility to adapt to unique situations and can usually offer lower prices with faster delivery.