Stonehenge is a national specialty finance companywith expertise in structured tax credit finance in the areas of affordable housing/low-income housing tax credits, brownfield remediation, community development (federal and state new markets tax credits), digital animation, historic rehabilitations, motion picture/film productions, and renewable energy.

For projects generating tax credits, Stonehenge provides unique financing and monetization solutions for almost any type of tax credit incentive, from the simplest of projects to the most complex, highly technical tax credit transactions.

For taxpayers interested in purchasing transferrable tax credits or investing in projects generating tax credits, Stonehenge is active in over 20 states with significant tax credit programs and offers solutions for almost any taxpayer to use tax credits as a means to reduce a state tax liability. From large corporate taxpayers to individuals, Stonehenge offers multiple transaction solutions for taxpayers to purchase transferrable tax credits or invest in projects generating tax credits under simple and straightforward transaction process.

Through Stonehenge Growth Capital, LLC, Stonehenge provides private debt and equity solutions to growing companies.

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