For State Investors & Taxpayers

As one of the largest financiers of state tax credits in the country, Stonehenge has invested in projects generating over $2.5 billion in various state tax credit incentives across the United States since 1993 without having a single credit recaptured, disallowed or otherwise forfeited. Our clients and investors include major U.S. corporations, private companies, banks, insurance companies, CPA firms and taxpayers across all sectors of our economy which include but is not limited to retail, transportation, energy, telecommunication, technology, manufacturing, construction, entertainment, and healthcare.

Stonehenge’s Tax Credit Services team participates in a variety of state tax credit programs that are designed to stimulate private capital investment and spur economic growth. State tax credits can be used to offset personal income, estate and trust, corporate income, franchise, insurance premium, AMT and bank share taxes.

Stonehenge underwrites each transaction to ensure that the tax credits are generated in accordance with applicable law and regulations. The lifecycle of the transaction process may vary by investment type; however, Stonehenge evaluates each investment to ensure all regulatory conditions required to generate eligible tax credits are met. Additionally, state investors & taxpayers are assisted with the following:

  • Evaluation
  • Origination
  • Structure & Underwriting
  • Closing
  • Reporting
  • Transaction Structuring and Execution

For information, please contact Anna Kathryn Barber or Taylor Mayeux